About Tobacco

Types of Tobacco


Burley tobaccos are light brown, reddish to dark brown in color. They have very low content of sugar, relatively high levels of nicotine and the property to absorb sauces and scents. They are used to balance the aromatic, taste and smoking properties of tobacco products.

The Virginia tobacco types, grown in Bulgaria, are defined as “filling tobaccos” with high sugar content and relatively low nicotine content. They have neutral taste and good burning ability. The leaves are large and the color varies from light gold to dark orange. In some regions of the country the conditions are suitable for growing specific high-quality Virginia tobaccos. Tobacco producers are interested in them because of their broad application in cigarette industry.

The climatic conditions in Bulgaria are favorable for growing high-quality oriental and semi-oriental tobaccos, rich in aromatic oils and with well-balanced content of reducing sugars and nicotine. Oriental tobaccos are characterized by a strongly expressed taste, specific scent and slight to medium physiological strength. The leaves are small, usually with light gold color (light yellow, orange to light red), and the size varies depending on their position on the plant stalk. Bulgarian oriental tobaccos are requisite components of the “American blend” cigarettes – a basic segment of the global cigarette market.